Property Refurbishment / Renovation Finance

Property Refurbishment / Renovation Finance


For client’s looking to acquire residential or semi-commercial property in need of refurbishment then Bespoke Business Finance have access to a range of solutions to suit your circumstances

Refurbishment with the intention to sell, a.k.a. the ‘tart and turn’

Funding can be secured to assist in projects where the intention is to sell at the completion of the works. Examples of such instances are below

  • Properties unsuitable for occupation
  • Properties in need of modernisation
  • Commercial property to be converted under Permitted Development Rights
  • The plan is to reconfigure the layout of the property

Refurbishment finance can just be secured against the asset leaving the client free to fund the project costs without any significant lender interference. Typically funding can be sourced up to 75% of the initial value in this scenario.

If, however, finance is required to support both the acquisition and subsequent works then Bespoke can again provide the solution. Whilst this provides a higher sum of funding it will come within a more rubust framework to protect the additional debt. Typically lending in this situation can be extended to 70% of purchase price and 100% of the cost of works.

Refurbishment with the intention to retain ownership a.k.a. the ‘refurb to term’

Bespoke Business Finance can also help should a client have the intention of retaining ownership of the property once the renovation works are complete.

We are able to source a debt facility that provides the refurbishment finance as described above but with the addition of a guaranteed long term loan that can be drawn at completion of the project.

The term loan can be agreed up to 75% of the uplifted value enabling the client access to the added equity without the restrictions that normal buy to let lenders have on newly created property.

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